Monday, March 24, 2014

Ways to make bitcoins

There are plenty of ways to get the Bitcoins

I'll  enumerate you, three main such as mining, earning and buying Bitcoin




Mining requires that you have a strong graphics card and a few other components that are required to perform this mining. In fact, as you need the right tool for the mining in a mine. The mining is in fact solve complex mathematical problems that solve your Computer. This is the first type and one of the ways to get and earn Bitcoins

 Another way is to make Bitcoin, on sites to which provide you opportunity to do so, such as sites to view other Sites, solving tasks online or watching videos and that you get Bitcoins, and making them yourself like for example

And then you have the option to purchase.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Way on which google analytics works

This is way on which Google Analytics work


Way on which google analytics works, or how Google Analytics works is one of five most popular sites on the Internet and use him everyday millions of people all over the world. Almost every person who has Internet connection know how to use this site (search engine) for searching for information which are available to them on the global network. It is extremely easy, fast and effective But here is not main topic google but their service: google analytics. Here will be a couple of words about what is Google Analytics and way on which google analytics works, or how Google Analytics works.

Let's start first with brief introduction of what is google analytics and then we will explain way on which google analytics works.


Google analytics is software for user tracking on web presentation (web site) that means that how users behave on web site which pages are visiting how long they stay on each page are they looked whole site or just one page are they visiting our site again or first time, from which country they visiting our site, and many other information and statistics, that provide this excellent software. Appearing of google analytics software we can say that represent whole solution of problems for webmasters. Before this software was expensive it costed 500$ per month. But later google make this software completely free for all potential users. 

Let's now explain way on which google analytics works.


Google analytics works on incredible simple way. From other tools for analyzing log files. Google analytics from there users don't require delivering of log files from server or some other similar information of low format. Instead of that, google analytics all by there selves works on searching for all information which can be important to their users. Time of guarding information about visits is not limited. So that users have ability of there own analyzing in every moment. And with ability of showing large number of most diversity types of reports. 

Before of seeing reports we have to add  small piece of code. This code. With help of cookies, tracks behavior every individual visit. After adding code to our web site ( in html between <body>here will be your code</body> tags) whole process of tracking will be invisible for visitor. In moment when visitor enter in some page his browser sends request with data on some of the large number of google servers, which after that store data for other analysis and purpose. The best part of using google analytics is in fact that user don't have to store any data on there own server.

Using of this system, google analytics is in condition to collect two types of information: information about browser and tracking of visitors. Google analytics can find out lot of interesting information about habits of every individual visitor. Google is able to determine the trajectory of the presentation. Time that spend on every page and or if they later came back. Google analytics wont be so successful if she delivers to her user just these rough information. And much more than this.



Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sites on which you can make money

These are the safest sites on which you can make money right away

These are the sites that are the safest, so I recommend them, because I'm on them earned my first money, Sign up on them and start earning immediately.

Here are some sites on which you can make some money simple by solving simple tasks, filling surveys or share images. And these sites are microworkers, survey savvy and image twist.

 Lets start with microworkers:


on this site you make your money solving tasks this site is so called gpt(get paid to) that means that you have to do some that is required from you, but don't worry, you will get everything on plate.  When you sign up you can make money immediately simple by liking facebook page, follow someone on G+ or twitter. Comment on you tube videos. Or just like videos or subscribe. You can make from 0.10 $ to couple of dollars for one task which is much higher than on ptc sites where you just clicking on ads.

On survey Savvy


you make money by filling surveys which can be from $ 5 To 20 $ per survey. But you have to check every day on there site to see if you have invitation. After filling the survey your money will be send to you via check on your address.

On image twist you make money simple by sharing images.


Here's how works. When you sign up you have to upload image that you want to share and then you will be provide three types of links one for social networks one for your site or blog (html link) and one for forums. Then you will copy that link and you can place them where you want to share them. Notice that image twist is only for adult images. But that can be an advantage because when you share some provocative image everyone will want to see on full size and will have to click on link. And you will  get your money. search in google for adult forums on which you have lots of visits. And share your link there, and you will immediately see how your money is coming on your account.

These are some average ways to make money online. So register yourself in on of these sites and start making your money straight away.

Friday, January 17, 2014

What is innovation and types of innovation

Explanation of innovation

First we will explain what innovation is and then we specify the types of innovation

I hope you'll have a better insight into the ​​innovation after Reading Post

Innovation is process in which new ideas are implemented in practice. Innovate is realization new thing. Innovation include whole process which have for task to help in realization some new idea, which implementation trough new product leads improvement and bigger competition. Every innovation is array of cumulative changes, or process, from idea to final realization. This type of representing innovation and innovative process explained socially economically conditionally growth innovations and science achievement, and also development of innovatory process, precisely types and usefulness innovations for organization.

Types of innovation

  • Technological and non-technological innovations
  • Originally and adaptable innovations
  • Institutional innovations and functional

The most common division of innovation is at technological and non-technological innovations .
Technological innovations refer to changes in technology sphere. They keep technically technologically progress. Non-technological innovations are related to organizationally way of managing. And often comes from technological innovations. There exist also originally and adaptable innovations. Original innovations are first invented. For those who come to them these innovations are external. Adaptable are those innovations which exist in practice, they are verified, and exist lot off knowledge and skills about they applicability. Adaptable innovations are also external, because they develop out off organization. Original innovators can all by themselves apply innovations in practice and on that way they become adaptable innovations. And there are also institutional innovations and functional . These first one develop from new organizational forms in production, transit, or other sphere. The other one refer to adaption activities on partial levels. Typical example of these innovations are in planning sphere. Between functional and institutional innovations exist correlation among interaction influence. From functional innovations often depend survival or acceptance institutional innovations. Practice shows that institutional innovations can't survive, if they are not tracked adequate with functional innovations. The best way to be somebody is to innovate something new unseen and useful. Therefore, it is necessary to innovate, innovate, innovate. Is needed, innovations of innovations.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

My opinion about seo or seo review

My opinion about seo (search engine optimization)

Or seo review

is that i think they are give us a rules to follow and when we done well all of this rules then our web presentation is placed on close to first pages on search engine and when we meet all criteria for on site seo and off site seo then they give us a deserved place but that's not all. I read many articles on other web sites, blogs and forum posts when others says that exist some algorithm for determination of our web presentation. But I don't think that there exist that type of algorithm which will determine on which page will our site be. So if there no exist such algorithm, than what can be? It's HUMANS(I mean they in Google) that review our site when he pops up on close to first pages. That is my conclusion. If you ask why humans? Well they are so big and strong company that can create any software. Well just for that same reason because they are strong and big company(Google, Yahoo, Bing) and they can't afford themselves to put some crappy post on first pages which actually have well done seo, for one and only reason and that reason is that post stinks and they can't give that kind of post (pages) priority to be on top, because content sucks an they don't like any content that  looks like it is written by robot or 4 year old child that look unnaturally, artificial, keyword stuffed and to prevent spammers.

So for this reason is crated seo

to be reviewed by human eye every post, page, web site presentation who meet seo criteria. And form my opinion about seo is just couple of rules to put our web site on better rank to be reviewed and if it stinks it is removed even if meets all seo criteria. So there don't exist any type of software and algorithm that will determine if our page is written naturally or keyword stuffed. So That have to determine humans, and here comes seo to put us on review. If our content is written naturally and site meet seo criteria then will stay on top and if not than you know the rest of story...  Because if seo is queen then content is king. And one without other just don't works. So write naturally extraordinary and impress others. And you will see the result of your well done work.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ways to make money without a job

Ways to make money without a job exist a lot of.

Here we will list some ways to make money without a job

Which may help you orient yourself and decide what is the best way to make money without a conventional job, believe me there are many. So read the rest of the post and find out ways to make money without a job.

Ways to make money without a job are:

  • work and earn online,
  •  issue the property, 
  •  write a book or poem,
  •  create an application,
  •  patent it something and protect your patent in the Office for Intellectual Property,
  •  sell things you no longer need, that others might need,
  •  take a picture and sell your photos,
  •  And if you have some talent then you are lucky and you can cash it.

Ways to make money without a job with  working and earning online exist a lot of safe and reliable sites to make money online do a little search on Google with and find what works best for you, for example, you can earn excellent commissions by promote ClickBank products.

Ways to make money without a job  with Out Real Estate issue your property and get passive income or simply sell and invest your money in the bank, you can fertilize the money and live from the interest.

Ways to make money without a job like writer write a book or poem, write your e book and sell it online, or in traditional publishing and you will have the money from each sale of your book. Or just write a poem and whenever play your song on the radio you will get the money, contact a lawyer for your copyrights and earn money.

Ways to make money without a job  like developer create an application, make android app and sell it in Google play store, or make Ios app and sell it in the Apple store or make Windows app and sell it in their store, and every time someone download your application you will get the money.

Ways to make money without a job with ideas patent it something and protect your patent in the Office for Intellectual Property, If you are innovative, imaginative and you are not in a deficit for creativity then come up with a product, but first  protect your product in the Office for Intellectual Property, and if a company likes your product and decide for him then you are lucky.

Ways to make money without a job like trader sell things you no longer need, that others might need, Organize street, yard sale of your stuff and sell what you don't need, while others can afford it for an affordable price, and you will benefit and your customers also.

Ways to make money without a job like photographer take a picture and sell your photos, If you are a talented photographer then you are lucky because you can sell your photos and earn a nice sum of money. sell your photos on sites like Istockphoto or shutter stock.

And if you have some talent then you are lucky and you can cash it, Make sure that you discover it, and if you already discovered what are you waiting for.

I hope you found this post helpful, at least a little pointed to you how you can make money with these ways to make money without a job.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Marketing segmentation

Marketing segmentation or market segmentation

In previous posts was said about what is marketing and marketing mix, we will now deal with marketing segmentation (market segmentation).

Marketing segmentation is a crucial part of marketing.

Marketing segmentation can be defined: marketing segmentation is imply the share of a diverse markets, on specific groups of customers with different behavior, needs or characteristics, which might require a special product or a special marketing mix.

Goal of marketing segmentation: is to identify groups of customers with similar requirements so that they can be effectively served.

Successful marketing segmentation criteria are: effectiveness, measurability, accessibility, feasibility, profitability.

Segmentation is a compromise between mass marketing and the assumption that to every person should be given a specific marketing effort.

Market segments are internally homogeneous and heterogeneous mutually.