Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Very important advice so that you don't get ban from google adsense

One useful information for those who have a google AdSense account and want to save it i.e. don't loss. to AdSense not ban you, is that: you have to remove the sidebar from the pages i.e.. from static pages on your blog or site. But  you don't have to do on all pages, it is enough to remove from contact page and privacy policy page, these are the two most important pages on which must not be situated anything! No gadgets on the side and even less advertising units! That means these two pages should clean, and only what needs to be found on them, is the content for what they are intended.

If you use blogger blogspot platform on which you are blogging, you can do that simply by inserting this code

 <!-- Static page styling Start-->  
 <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;static_page&quot;'>  
 .sidebar,.post-footer,.feed-links {display:none;}  
 #main-wrapper{width: 95%; float: none; margin: 0 auto;}  
 <!-- http://waystomakemoneyonnet.blogspot.com -->  
 <!-- Static page styling End -->  

 in the head section of your HTML code, so you need to insert this code right before this </head> tag.


  • Go to: Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML.
  • Back up your template.
  • Find this tag </head> in your  HTML template
  • Copy this code above which is in gray box, and paste it right before this </head> tag
  • Click save template, and you are done.

This is very important to do, and not to come into the situation to be banned, because of these little things, because as we all know google AdSense is very rigorous and can ban you for every little thing, and this is not a small thing, but very important advice especially for new and inexperienced users, whom is just approved google AdSense account. With this small changes that you need to do, and that will prevent your account to not get banned, and of course I recommend you to read their guidelines and that you were fully informed so that you don't violate any point in their guidelines, as it would have resulted in termination of your google AdSense account, which certainly you do not want that to happen.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Different marketing efforts for different types of products

Products that don't require a large application of marketing

Everything revolves around marketing and if you have the best product and the best content you need to complete the minimum marketing efforts to make your services or products, or information or the content come to your potential consumers of your goods, which, of course to offer a good product requires less marketing effort because it is invested lot of in a product so that he would be good for end users and here should just display its qualities and benefits that will lead to a potential customer, and when the customer recognizes the quality of your product he will be delighted and here will start the best marketing and it is a marketing from mouth to mouth, where you do not have to invest additional marketing efforts because you have already invested in a product that will be high quality and that will marvel. This would be an example of an exceptional quality and useful product where the product should only be pushed onto the market to be recognized by customers. A marketing for this kind of product will come later on its own.

Products that require a lot of marketing effort

Other products that are not so good, and we need them a little less, but here should be  invested lot of marketing efforts. In order the product is inclined in the minds of consumers in order to that product or service could sell more successfully, the emphasis is always on the purpose of the product and which benefit will provide him later by its use,  consumption of certain products or services. Marketing this allows with his various resources that can improve and accelerate the sale of products, to remain in good relations with the product and the customer such he will improve relations between the customer and the product.

Products that do not require a marketing effort

There are products that we do not need any marketing efforts to accelerate or improve the sales of products which fall under the basic-product such as bread. Because many people buy this type of product intuitively, naturally, and here can be applied  marketing if  our bread will distinguish from the others or has a different composition or benefit to us, but generally for basic products such as foods is not required marketing effort.

For the end

When we talk about marketing, we can see that we need him for some types products, while for others we don't need him at all. Because in order to our sales were successful, here needs to bear in mind a lot of factors that do not even fall under marketing.There are products that are of great importance, as it can be a pharmaceutical product. Because he is not noticed (drug), this type of product and decided to buy it of their own volition if we're talking specifically about a cure for certain diseases doctor prescribes him and he takes it. Because in these products has no marketing that can delight the customer to buy the drug, but the campaign for drugs in many states is prohibited for advertising medical or pharmaceuticals, because it is not the same as advertising a hair shampoo or perfume.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to get money for your project

Here we will talk about raising money through crowdfunding platform.

Here you can raise money for the project, working with a group or organization,

If you want to raise money for education, health difficulties and many other categories, which you can see in the following categories.

Here we will deal with raising money for your business project, and which concerns the previous posts which we written about the motivation for your business and life and brainstorming ideas.

Because in order to be every business successful, it must meet three criteria:

  • The idea
  • Motivation
  • And the money

From these three criteria, the most important are the first two: the idea and motivation, because in order to your  business be successful you must first come up with a good idea for your product or service that you plan to place on the market. Therefore, we have dealt with in a previous article how to come up with ideas, or if you want, the roads to the ideas through brainstorming ideas or brainstorming process of creating ideas. Idea is very important because when you come up with something new and the market accepts it then you have the opportunity to continue with your process from idea to final customer and to profit. Therefore, a good idea is very important because such as saying says "in this world there are lots of more money than a good ideas," which is sad because we should devote more time to the process of creating ideas, rather than run for the money. That is, I want to say that we should dedicate more time our thought process that will result with good or even excellent idea. But let's not dwell here because the theme of this article is not a process of creating ideas, but how to come to money for your potential good idea.

Money for starting your business can be collected by this new method called crowdfunding

If you have no money to start a business, or you have an idea and do not know how to find resources for your project you can look for the crowdfunding platforms that are specialized in collecting money for your project or idea. Simply register on one of crowdfunding sites describe your project, display pictures and video clip of your project. On these sites, you collect money from donations, that, when you create a campaign, your campaign can support people who want it, from around the world, a simple donation of a few dollars or a few hundred dollars, but to get money for your campaign, your campaign must be persuasive and you must show some proof in the form of a picture or video. That potential donors can see for what you exactly need the money. And of course you have to make an effort about promoting your campaign on social networks, blogs, websites, forums, contacting by email and your potential donors that you think that might support your campaign. But do not overdo it with the mailings. Contact and other medias, such as: television, radio and newspapers. In order for your campaign, to be visible to as many donors who would like to support your campaign.

Creating a campaign on crowdfunding platforms

As is already mentioned above in the previous paragraph, select crowd funding platform that suits your needs, in order to then be able to register on it and set up your campaign. The campaign is actually as a well-written article for your site with pictures and video. In which you want to convince all CONTINGENT donors to support just your campaign. Therefore, the process of creating a campaign, it must be as good as your project or idea. You need to interest your donors. Post a picture of your project, describe, which benefits gives your project for customers and donors. Make sure to as better describe all the advantages that will have a project for final customer. And when you are done with creating your campaign publish it, and then start to promote it. On a non intrusive way.

Types and differences between crowdfunding platforms

There are various types of crowdfunding platforms, we will mention the two biggest such as: Kickstarter and Indiegogo. There is a difference between these two crowdfunding platforms and that is that on Kickstarter you can get the money that you collected from your donors only when you complete a given goal which means that if you say you need $ 1000 and your campaign is supported by $ 1,000, only then you can raise your money, also kickstarter is limited for certain countries so it would be good to look at Kickstarter which countries supports. Indiegogo is not as limited as Kickstarter and that means that it supports almost all countries of the world, and have the opportunity to raise your money if you have not reached the given amount. So you have two types of selection when creating your campaign on the crowdfunding platform to you want fixed (same as on Kickstarter you can take your money when your default sum fully funded) or flexible funding (you can raise the amount even though you have not reached the given amount) and both have their advantages and disadvantages, and that is that fixed funding when raising the money you pay a small fee, when you opt for flexible funding and wish to withdraw your money before the expiry of the campaign, which is not funded by the end you'll pay a slightly higher fee. Therefore, you have to select yourself, which crowd funding platform you prefer.


Raising money for your project or idea will not getting you into debt, and loans that you have after repay with interest. This is a new way of financing your business venture if you decide for starting it. Therefore you do not have to worry always about money if you want something to start because in the successful business it is always more important, ideas and motivation rather than money is less important. This source of funding is certainly better than conventional sources. So do not be discouraged if you want to start your business and have a good idea just because you do not have money, FIRST Devote your time the process of creating and finding idea when you find the right one you will get, and motivation. And the money you can collect on this new way is not as risky as conventional way of obtaining money for starting entrepreneurial venture. Good luck

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ways to make bitcoins

There are plenty of ways to get the Bitcoins

I'll  enumerate you, three main such as mining, earning and buying Bitcoin


Bitcoin new type of money


Mining requires that you have a strong graphics card and a few other components that are required to perform this mining. In fact, as you need the right tool for the mining in a mine. The mining is in fact solve complex mathematical problems that solve your Computer. This is the first type and one of the ways to get and earn Bitcoins

 Another way is to make Bitcoin, on sites to which provide you opportunity to do so, such as sites to view other Sites, solving tasks online or watching videos and that you get Bitcoins, and making them yourself like for example www.bitvisitor.com

And then you have the option to purchase.

Photo credit: TraderTim / Foter / CC BY-SA

Monday, October 6, 2014

Motivation for your business and life

Everywhere, where I looking for the meaning of life whether it be in psychology, theology, philosophy everywhere I have come across that love is the meaning of life, whether it be love for the work that you do, love for life and love for your loved ones, because there are several types love, not just one kind of love for which most people think. such is the love for a particular person, as it would be for example the love of your life partner.

If you love what you do you are more than motivated
Love is more than motivation

The man is constantly asking what is the meaning of his life, such as Erich Fromm said man is the only of the animals to which its own existence is a problem.

But love is the answer

when you love something you do it with enthusiasm, inspiration that is the biggest engine that moves you in your life, love from which appears more than motivation. that moves you in your life. because without love, we would be unhappy slow numb and even evil. evil is still the result of someone choice, but it may be the result of stupidity, because when person does not know what to do in the absence of morality, same time he makes ​​a lot of bad things.

This is not just another life topic which is less important, on the contrary this is a very important issue that concerns your whole life, because when you love you are living a fulfilled and happy life, because you are doing what you love you are with people which you love, yet if you love your life. You are a happy person.

As you noticed in this article is mentioned a lot of love, because motivation is the result of love and love is broad and complex emotion, which contributes to our life, to be better and happier. because when we are in love, especially when we love we give ourselves, in what we like and then we pick the best fruits that are the result of our love, and it's not just money or children, if you thought so, here comes the peace and happiness, so that we could be happy, and to have peace and happiness, we should use with the most important organ that we have and that is brain, because when we love and when we know what we do our life becomes productive, realized and happy.

Motivation as the title of this article is the product of love, and to we had the motivation we need to have a love that moves us, so it is very important before you start to do something, to truly ask yourself whether you want to deal with that or not, and devote your time to it. because if you are doing something you do not like you are wasting your time, and you are not happy and satisfied. therefore it is very important and devote your time in searching for what you love, you first need to find what you love and then you can start to deal with that.

Because when you find yourself in the things you love to do your business success is guaranteed. also when you find a person who loves you and that you love, your love will be more durable, so if you've noticed, that  is very important to first seek and to find what you love and then indulge in what you found. Find yourself first and then realize yourself.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Strongest links for yours blog

How to make money blogging and actually earn money blogging is reduced to writing content for your blog,

and not just any content, but content that will rise your blog to first place in google, you have to have the first link in the chain, and that's the idea, because It is very important to know and remember that the idea is one that will be the first and strongest link in the chain that will drag your blog in the first place, other links in the chain that will help you, but are not as important as the first, is motivation, and some initial funds that are not so important to get your blog in the first place, but only if you want to blog on self hosted blogging platform.

You must be wondering how it will help me the idea to make money blogging,

the idea is very important because it will form the idea, especially from the creative ideas emerge a new and unique content that google loves, and will love and your blog readers, if you are not in a deficit of yours creativity. Therefore, the idea is much more important for blogging and other work. And for solving a problem. Rather Than for example some financial means or seo. Because in this world has a lot more money than good ideas.

As another link in the chain that will help you make money blogging is motivation, you might ask, why motivation? Because a very simple and specific reason, and that is to find something that you are overwhelmed with passion for something with which is appearing enthusiasm
and inspiration to you. The most important thing is to write about something you love, and you will surely achieve your goal, a love for something that you love will be the one that will motivate you to continue to write and perform better results.

For that reason motivation along with the idea is more important than the financial investment in your website. The third link in the chain that will drag your blog on a better place would be seo, seo does not matter so much as the content, for this reason is given seo review in which is the algorithm denounced importance as a factor of ranking website. Because the content is more important than any technical aspect.

It is desirable that you write a blog like when you writing a term paper in the sense that is given to your content the title, subtitle, when you insert a picture into your post describe what it is in the pic. Brief description of your post, links, and be careful not to overdo it with this, because this is not as important as the first two links in the chain that are much more important and will help you to earn money blogging.

When you do these 3 aspects when it comes to your content after a while you will see the results of your work, in the sense that you get  visits to your blog. Only when you start to get a visits to your blog you can make money blogging.
when you get the results after a certain time, then you need to monetize your blog. About one form of monetization we have already written in a previous article, so that you can read the steps in the monetization of your blog with ads by chitika that is similar to adsense. But pays less than adsense. Also you can monetize your blog and in many other ways and make money blogging. This would be the strongest links that should your blog put in better search results and therefore to make a profit from your blog.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Best ways to make money online

I present to you the best ways to make money online

Here are The best ways to make money online, so let's get started, You can make
money as well as outside the network, but the best ways to make online
must be safe. But A safe ways to make money online, there are not so

Therefore, I will now enumerate safe and the best ways to make money
online and these ways are:

  1.  freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online
  2.  affiliate programs is another way
  3.  Google AdSense
  4. selling stock photography
  5.  selling domains
  6.  ppc (pay per click sites like clixsense)
  7.  microworking (like amazon mechanical turk or microworkers) and
  8. completing surveys.

Here we mentioned several best ways to make money online and offline, but there are a
lot more, as we have said, not all of them are safe, so this listed
above are safe sites where you can earn money online and checked that
actually pays. They do not have all of these sites the same method of
payment, but there must be an alternative method of payment in the
event that you are from a country that some payment processors don't
support, If this is your case you will be offered alternative methods
of payment such as a check or paid directly into your bank account.
Now we will describe in more detail the previously listed best ways to
make money online.

The best ways that you can make money online with your computer
Best ways to make money online

Photo credit: SEOPlanter / Foter / CC BY

Below is a more detailed explanation about the best ways to make money online

Freelancing one of the best ways to make money online bid and you will
get a job if your employer chooses you for the job that he offered for
which you applied. And to get the job you need to have filled-sections
portfolio and recommendations of previous work performed on
freelancing sites. And of course you can not have a recommendation at
the outset, especially if you are a beginner. But because you can fill
out your profile and upload examples of your work (portfolio) and then
it will be easier for the employer to decide to take you to do the
job. Categories on freelancing websites are different: programming,
design, data management, SEO and many other categories. The best sites
for freelancing are Elance and oDesk.

Other ways to make money on the net would be affiliate programs like
clickbank for example, which has already been described in a previous
post and you can read how to promote clickbank products and promote
amazon products or any other product that you promote through your web
site which means that you can have your own online store to sell
products through your website or blog, whether they are digital
products that customers can take in electronic format or if you are
producing your own products so that you can promote them / sell
through your site, and when some of yours site visitor decides to buy
a product that you promote / sell you will earn your money, and if you
sell other people's products you will get a commission. In this way to
earn on the Internet you have to explore the demand. It means to be
informed about what is most wanted and how competitive the demand is,
you must establish a balance between what buyers are looking for, and
what the competition is offering, in order to be better positioned for
your service or product that you offer, because if the demand for a
product is big, and if it's for the same product competition big, by
offering that product you will not have much success, you have to find
what customers are looking for, and that competition does not offer
the same product. It means to establish a balance between demand and

Google AdSense is also one of the best ways to make money online
This way of making money online can be very good but you have to
remember that google AdSense is rigorous in accepting only the
initiated new websites or blogs, which means when you sign up for
google AdSense your site is built to already have a lot of content on
it that the content is unique, which means that it is not copied from
other sites, it's done seo, design, and still plenty of things you
need to do in order to be accepted into this program. Registration for
this program is simple when you enter your information and the URL of
your site your site goes through the first step of verification, when
you passed the first step you need to set the ad unit on your site or
blog and wait for the second step of verification, if you pass the
second step verification then you are successfully accepted into the
Google AdSense program and you can start making your money online.

Selling ​​stock photos as one of the good ones, and perhaps on of the
best ways to earn money online, lies in that you have a good eye for
taking good photographs, many say that you must to have good eye or
that you need professional equipment, I disagree because it is
sufficient and the average camera to take a better photos that then
you can further edit in photoshop program which is a plus, and because
it is also desirable to slightly edit your images and then easily
upload them to one of the stock sites such as istock and you can start
earning your money by selling photos, here you can earn a lot of
money, because your one set of photos may be purchased repeatedly.

Reselling domains can be really one of the best ways to make money
online here you just need to register a domain name to a web site
address that you can later sell at a much higher price and that you
can earn your money, but in order to make money by reselling the
domain you have to find what is most wanted this means that you need
to find a keyword that is very popular and then register that keyword,
register as a web site address and web site address looks for example
you took the word love which is very popular and that word when you
register You will get love.com and you have your web site address.
Admittedly this address has long since is occupied but you can think
about what word is most wanted, and that word register on the sites to
purchase the domain and then offering to sell if you think that would
be popular a lot or You can leave it for yourself and build your site
based on the domain name, which also may later provide you additional

About ppc sites will not be to much words to say, since we've already
covered in the previous post on ppc site clixsense. It all comes down
to click on advertisements, which is simply and this simplicity would
be the advantage of such sites. These sites are more for beginners who
want to earn some money on the Internet.

With microworking you can perform a variety of tasks that can bring
you extra revenue best sites for this type of work are amazon
mechanical turk and microworkers and sites for completing surveys such
as the survey savvy where you can get up to 20 $ per survey filled.
Read more about Sites for beginners on which you can make money.

We hope that in this post you will find one way of making money, and
that we help you and give you a better insight into what are the best
ways to make money on the Internet and that will help you in deciding
on one of these ways, if you want to start making money.