Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Best ways to make money online

I present to you the best ways to make money online

Here are The best ways to make money online, so let's get started, You can make
money as well as outside the network, but the best ways to make online
must be safe. But A safe ways to make money online, there are not so

Therefore, I will now enumerate safe and the best ways to make money
online and these ways are:

  1.  freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online
  2.  affiliate programs is another way
  3.  Google AdSense
  4. selling stock photography
  5.  selling domains
  6.  ppc (pay per click sites like clixsense)
  7.  microworking (like amazon mechanical turk or microworkers) and
  8. completing surveys.

Here we mentioned several best ways to make money online and offline, but there are a
lot more, as we have said, not all of them are safe, so this listed
above are safe sites where you can earn money online and checked that
actually pays. They do not have all of these sites the same method of
payment, but there must be an alternative method of payment in the
event that you are from a country that some payment processors don't
support, If this is your case you will be offered alternative methods
of payment such as a check or paid directly into your bank account.
Now we will describe in more detail the previously listed best ways to
make money online.

Below is a more detailed explanation about the best ways to make money online

Freelancing one of the best ways to make money online bid and you will
get a job if your employer chooses you for the job that he offered for
which you applied. And to get the job you need to have filled-sections
portfolio and recommendations of previous work performed on
freelancing sites. And of course you can not have a recommendation at
the outset, especially if you are a beginner. But because you can fill
out your profile and upload examples of your work (portfolio) and then
it will be easier for the employer to decide to take you to do the
job. Categories on freelancing websites are different: programming,
design, data management, SEO and many other categories. The best sites
for freelancing are Elance and oDesk.

Other ways to make money on the net would be affiliate programs like
clickbank for example, which has already been described in a previous
post and you can read how to promote clickbank products and promote
amazon products or any other product that you promote through your web
site which means that you can have your own online store to sell
products through your website or blog, whether they are digital
products that customers can take in electronic format or if you are
producing your own products so that you can promote them / sell
through your site, and when some of yours site visitor decides to buy
a product that you promote / sell you will earn your money, and if you
sell other people's products you will get a commission. In this way to
earn on the Internet you have to explore the demand. It means to be
informed about what is most wanted and how competitive the demand is,
you must establish a balance between what buyers are looking for, and
what the competition is offering, in order to be better positioned for
your service or product that you offer, because if the demand for a
product is big, and if it's for the same product competition big, by
offering that product you will not have much success, you have to find
what customers are looking for, and that competition does not offer
the same product. It means to establish a balance between demand and

Google AdSense is also one of the best ways to make money online
This way of making money online can be very good but you have to
remember that google AdSense is rigorous in accepting only the
initiated new websites or blogs, which means when you sign up for
google AdSense your site is built to already have a lot of content on
it that the content is unique, which means that it is not copied from
other sites, it's done seo, design, and still plenty of things you
need to do in order to be accepted into this program. Registration for
this program is simple when you enter your information and the URL of
your site your site goes through the first step of verification, when
you passed the first step you need to set the ad unit on your site or
blog and wait for the second step of verification, if you pass the
second step verification then you are successfully accepted into the
Google AdSense program and you can start making your money online.

Selling ​​stock photos as one of the good ones, and perhaps on of the
best ways to earn money online, lies in that you have a good eye for
taking good photographs, many say that you must to have good eye or
that you need professional equipment, I disagree because it is
sufficient and the average camera to take a better photos that then
you can further edit in photoshop program which is a plus, and because
it is also desirable to slightly edit your images and then easily
upload them to one of the stock sites such as istock and you can start
earning your money by selling photos, here you can earn a lot of
money, because your one set of photos may be purchased repeatedly.

Reselling domains can be really one of the best ways to make money
online here you just need to register a domain name to a web site
address that you can later sell at a much higher price and that you
can earn your money, but in order to make money by reselling the
domain you have to find what is most wanted this means that you need
to find a keyword that is very popular and then register that keyword,
register as a web site address and web site address looks for example
you took the word love which is very popular and that word when you
register You will get and you have your web site address.
Admittedly this address has long since is occupied but you can think
about what word is most wanted, and that word register on the sites to
purchase the domain and then offering to sell if you think that would
be popular a lot or You can leave it for yourself and build your site
based on the domain name, which also may later provide you additional

About ppc sites will not be to much words to say, since we've already
covered in the previous post on ppc site clixsense. It all comes down
to click on advertisements, which is simply and this simplicity would
be the advantage of such sites. These sites are more for beginners who
want to earn some money on the Internet.

With microworking you can perform a variety of tasks that can bring
you extra revenue best sites for this type of work are amazon
mechanical turk and microworkers and sites for completing surveys such
as the survey savvy where you can get up to 20 $ per survey filled.
Read more about Sites on which you can make money.

We hope that in this post you will find one way of making money, and
that we help you and give you a better insight into what are the best
ways to make money on the Internet and that will help you in deciding
on one of these ways, if you want to start making money.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Best ways to make money

In this post I will try to point you in
the best ways to make money both
online and offline. Read the article to
the end and find out what are the
best ways to make money.
as the first way to make money and
one of the best ways would be a
savings, yes you read right saving is
one of the best ways to make
money, ask the financial institutions
that are near you on the best conditions for each money you set
aside for savings and the interest
rate on savings, where the
conditions are optimal there you will put yours saving
. Keep in mind that saving is one way
to leave money for the future, but
also saving can make you enrich, sounds
weird but it's true because if you
save, not only you consume the interest
on your money, and If you learn to live in limits of yours
possibilities within its means and it is
possible, regular savings will enrich
you. Therefore dispose wise with your
money. another one of the best ways to
make money would be to do what
you love when you do what you
love you do it with passion, and that
is what moves you, your passion for something, and try to translate
into something useful to connect
pleasant with the useful and you will
surely benefit, because when there's
something that inspires you, use
that inspiration so it is your engine that moves you. Surely there is
something to what you appear
enthusiasm a hobby. Be persistent in finding what you
love and when you find only follow and
it will surely lead to unexpected
changes, when you are doing the right
thing in the right way with love and
that will certainly lead to money if you've found it, you're doing what
you love, then this would be one of
the best ways to make money doing
what you love.
We mentioned at the beginning of
this article, at the best ways to
make money on the net about these and
other ways, we already wrote in
their previous posts and here I will only
mention as to the earnings on the
net that would be the best way
s to make money like blogging and you
can read it when you're here how to
make money blogging, and of course with freelancing and the best
sites for this type of work are
certainly sites like Elance and odesk and that will connect you with
Employer in such sites, and if you try
and show yourself as a good worker you will
receive positive feedback, and that
will always be an advantage,
because as in work outside the
network it is necessary or desirable to have some experience as well as
here on the net. If is word
freelancing strange and difficult to
understand, you do not have to
worry because there must be some
job that you already know work, such as, for example, entering data
into Excel spreadsheets or writing
articles and content on the given topic for
other websites and blogs I suggest
you look at this list jobs by category
and you will surely find something that you already know to work and
if you do not know learn
how to do, a simple Internet search
will get the information and
knowledge you need to perform a
job if you already surfing, then do it in a useful way and enrich
yours knowledge and fill your
pockets with money. And surely you
will find many other ways to earn
money. This would be my top 3
ways to make money, of course, that you can earn money, and in many
more ways than this 3 ways, but this would
be my one of the best ways to make money.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Marketing management process

The process of marketing

Essence and elements of the process
of marketing management

The essence of marketing
management process

marketing management process
involves consciously directing all
activities to meet the needs of
consumers and their satisfaction to
make a profit. The process of
marketing management is also reflected in how to better provide
resources that will enable the
fulfillment of company goals and meet
the needs of consumers. A key task of
marketing the company and basic
assumptions of rational management of marketing is identifying a need or
demand of the target market, or the
holder of demand in order to prepare
an appropriate marketing mix to meet
these needs, the realization of income.

Elements and phases of marketing
management process

marketing management
process consists of three elements:

planning marketing activities,
organizing marketing activities and
control of marketing activities.

Marketing management is a
continuous process. This implies that
all three elements of the variable and it
was necessary to constantly adapt to
new situations. This is understandable,
given that planning marketing activities in which decisions are made
about the objectives, policies,
strategies, programs and plans of the
company. Organizing marketing
activities implies the existence of an
adequate organizational structure through which will be implemented
planned goals and objectives. Which
means it might be better to manage
the marketing process. At the same
time it is necessary to checks, and
controls the degree of feasibility planning goals and objectives, and the
effectiveness of the organizational
structure that would, if necessary,
could perform the necessary
Marketing management process is effective
only when all phases of the marketing
management process flow
continuously. And not only that. It is
desirable that the elements and stages
of the marketing management process that combine to give the so-called.
Synergistic effect, that is their gain
greater effects than the simple sum of
their individual effects.
Methods of marketing management
process. process of marketing
activities of the Company consist of the
following processes: analyzing market
opportunities existing and potential
markets; formulation of objectives to be achieved in the target market and
define courses of action; finding the
optimal combination of marketing
mix, and allocation of human and
financial resources to selected courses
of action; creating an effective organizational structure to realize a
rational curriculum firms in the market;
establishment of efficient and rational
coordination between the marketing
function and other functions in the
marketing management process; permanent control of marketing
results achieved marketing activities
and review of the rationality of its
actions on the market.
Planning marketing activities is the
first phase of the marketing management
process, and it consists
of: formulating goals and strategies,
creating marketing plan, marketing plan
implementation and control of the execution of the marketing plan.
When the marketing plan is integrated
into the planning process of companies,
many elements of the marketing
planning process level are associated
with the variables before one stream marketing action is finished. This
process puts the marketing plan in a
tactical position in relation to the
strategic plan of the company as part
of the marketing planning process.
Together, they become inseparable components of the marketing
management process.
Organizing marketing activities is the
second phase of the process of
marketing management. In order to
more precisely define and design
marketing company organizational
structure, one must take into account the characteristics of the
organizational structure of the
company, such as: specialization,
centralization, formalization. In this
part of the marketing management
process involves the breakdown of marketing activities in several tasks
and their coordination.
Marketing controls as the third phase
of the marketing management
process. The purpose of marketing
control is to determine deviations from
the objectives, policies and plans, and
to improve the results of the corrective action. In achieving marketing control
is an essential process in order control.
So it is always preceded by a
qualitative analysis quantitative
analysis. Marketing controls implies
that each phase is done in a rational and efficient manner. We hope that we
have managed to explain you in this post
how it works marketing management

Monday, June 23, 2014

Brainstorming ideas

How to make the brainstorming ideas

Or process of

making new ideas called


Right away at the beginning we will tell you how you

can make money from your ideas, and

then we will explain the process of

creating ideas called brainstorming.

first step in order to make money from
yours ideas, is that your idea is simple for
mass production, and that is easy to
use for the average users. (Buyers of
your innovation)

Another very important step is to
protect your idea in the Intellectual
Property Office, if it comes to a patent.
or if it comes to art work check with a lawyer for your
copyrights if it is a creative and artistic

Now we will explain the process of

creating ideas called brainstorming.

brainstorming technique is creative
work. Techniques of creative
production are methods or ways that
managers use to organize and motivate individuals and groups to
produce ideas. Individual
encouraging to the creation of ideas is
useful because it frees individuals who
make the ideas of prejudice,
hesitation, reluctance and restraint. It is believed that the group creates
greater creative potential, which leads
to higher quality ideas. essence of brainstorming is the spirit
exercise, ventilation of the brain, when
we speak of man's spirit, is about the
power that moves us beyond our
intellectual, emotional and physical
constraints that often define our human essence, this technique is
applied when management seeks to
encourage the formation of ideas or
intensify thought
process on how to solve a particular
and complex problem.

Brainstorming is a technique that
should be free type in the process of
designing, creating and presenting
ideas in this technique is the emphasis
on the divergent way of thinking,
which means that nothing should inhibit or schuld be imposed some kind of
formalization that would definitely
collapsed our process of creative
thinking or divergent way of
thinking with which they can bring the
best ideas, because even the craziest idea is a good idea, the only
unspoken idea might be a bad idea.

technology of making ideas based on


brainstorming is technology called brain storm,
written by Donald Philips from
Michigan and the technology is known
as "buzz philips 66" is based on solving a particular problem. Mode of
operation is simple. Groups are made
up of 5 people in each group there are
leaders, participants will be
determined limited period of time and
during this period they need to make ideas, ideas that will be a solution to a
problem. Then comes the evaluation
of ideas, criticism of the idea of ​​each
participant, in order to create and get
the best idea. When is selected the best
idea, with that idea is going to the plenary session, at which time
the ideas are
presented and opened discussion about

a large number of ideas can create the
problem in this way to create ideas to
solve this problem ideas are grouped,
and after that ideas are valorized, and
selected the best ideas. The quality of
ideas depends on the number of proposals. Which means that if you
have a large number of ideas have
more chances of selecting those best
ideas. There is another technique that
is based on the principle of
harebrained ideas or lucid ideas that are unusual at first glance a stupid
ideas. But you must accept the fact that
both of these ideas can create the best
idea, when about her after good
providence and discussed, and finally
make a decision that could lead to the application of just this crazy idea.

Next technology on how to make the ideas is

called a reverse brainstorming,

making this technology the idea is
based on departure from the idea to
the question, instead of finding
solutions to a specific problem, the group members need to focus on how to
make an idea, this is about seeking
ways of implementing the idea. So far
we have discussed about the group way to
make an idea or come up with ideas.

We will now present the solo brainstorming or how to make your own brainstorming

ideas in this short passage.

Solo brainstorming a way to come up with
ideas by yourself, you first need to be
good observirate and investigate the
issue, and then start looking for ways of its solution. Think about the
problem when you are relaxed in a
relaxed ambience, peace of mind,
write down every idea and think
about it. When you create the ideas you are
exempt from prejudice and resistance from other people if you were in the
group. For this reason, this method of
creating ideas is productive. We have
the example of the search for an idea
that has worked/written by Sakan in the book, a
book title could be: how to make the ideas? Among the problems to the idea. From
problem to solution. Phoenix
creativity. The idea was born from
nothing to something. At the end, was given the title to the book
"pathways to new ideas".

In the instant matter, and a place
where innovation happens. Therefore,
try to be friendly, nice and in relaxed
atmosphere. It does not have to be a
luxury hotel, a landscape with
beautiful nature (sea, lakes, mountains) will certainly be sufficient.
Because it achieves the best results.
Care must be taken to be equal
participants in expressing their ideas,
for example, to sit at a round table in
order to establish good communication.

It is believed that team leaders should

formulate principles so that they are

made of quality brainstorming ideas:

  • This would be the principles on how to make the
  • brainstorming ideas

  • we need unusual and radical

  • not to be left out of the craziest ideas,
    we can go wrong only if not
    pronounce the idea,

  • connect our

  • criticism of ideas is forbidden,

  • whatever they come from whoever

  • making as many ideas without

For best making ideas is also very
important, and time of séances, and
also their length. Sessions normally should take place when ours
biorhythm is greatest, and when the
man can produce quality ideas and also as many ideas. And that time is
two hours after the start of the shift in
companies, or two hours after lunch, if
we want to create ideas. The time
period in which it should be held
session should not be longer than 50 minutes. Because after fifty
minutes our concentration starting
to decline. And
there should be a break, a story about
ideas or solution to a problem we
could continue during lunch. From the
above it could be concluded that the creation of better ideas can
ensure for us a better future, we should ensure the
most favorable atmosphere for creation of
innovation. Because the greatest
importance in the innovation process
is brainstorming whose abilities are not used enough, and they should be.
And this would be our story on how
to make the ideas or how to reach
them, may come to an end.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Ways to make bitcoins

There are plenty of ways to get the Bitcoins

I'll  enumerate you, three main such as mining, earning and buying Bitcoin




Mining requires that you have a strong graphics card and a few other components that are required to perform this mining. In fact, as you need the right tool for the mining in a mine. The mining is in fact solve complex mathematical problems that solve your Computer. This is the first type and one of the ways to get and earn Bitcoins

 Another way is to make Bitcoin, on sites to which provide you opportunity to do so, such as sites to view other Sites, solving tasks online or watching videos and that you get Bitcoins, and making them yourself like for example

And then you have the option to purchase.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Way on which google analytics works

This is way on which Google Analytics work


Way on which google analytics works, or how Google Analytics works is one of five most popular sites on the Internet and use him everyday millions of people all over the world. Almost every person who has Internet connection know how to use this site (search engine) for searching for information which are available to them on the global network. It is extremely easy, fast and effective But here is not main topic google but their service: google analytics. Here will be a couple of words about what is Google Analytics and way on which google analytics works, or how Google Analytics works.

Let's start first with brief introduction of what is google analytics and then we will explain way on which google analytics works.


Google analytics is software for user tracking on web presentation (web site) that means that how users behave on web site which pages are visiting how long they stay on each page are they looked whole site or just one page are they visiting our site again or first time, from which country they visiting our site, and many other information and statistics, that provide this excellent software. Appearing of google analytics software we can say that represent whole solution of problems for webmasters. Before this software was expensive it costed 500$ per month. But later google make this software completely free for all potential users. 

Let's now explain way on which google analytics works.


Google analytics works on incredible simple way. From other tools for analyzing log files. Google analytics from there users don't require delivering of log files from server or some other similar information of low format. Instead of that, google analytics all by there selves works on searching for all information which can be important to their users. Time of guarding information about visits is not limited. So that users have ability of there own analyzing in every moment. And with ability of showing large number of most diversity types of reports. 

Before of seeing reports we have to add  small piece of code. This code. With help of cookies, tracks behavior every individual visit. After adding code to our web site ( in html between <body>here will be your code</body> tags) whole process of tracking will be invisible for visitor. In moment when visitor enter in some page his browser sends request with data on some of the large number of google servers, which after that store data for other analysis and purpose. The best part of using google analytics is in fact that user don't have to store any data on there own server.

Using of this system, google analytics is in condition to collect two types of information: information about browser and tracking of visitors. Google analytics can find out lot of interesting information about habits of every individual visitor. Google is able to determine the trajectory of the presentation. Time that spend on every page and or if they later came back. Google analytics wont be so successful if she delivers to her user just these rough information. And much more than this.



Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sites on which you can make money

These are the safest sites on which you can make money right away

These are the sites that are the safest, so I recommend them, because I'm on them earned my first money, Sign up on them and start earning immediately.

Here are some sites on which you can make some money simple by solving simple tasks, filling surveys or share images. And these sites are microworkers, survey savvy and image twist.

 Lets start with microworkers:


on this site you make your money solving tasks this site is so called gpt(get paid to) that means that you have to do some that is required from you, but don't worry, you will get everything on plate.  When you sign up you can make money immediately simple by liking facebook page, follow someone on G+ or twitter. Comment on you tube videos. Or just like videos or subscribe. You can make from 0.10 $ to couple of dollars for one task which is much higher than on ptc sites where you just clicking on ads.

On survey Savvy


you make money by filling surveys which can be from $ 5 To 20 $ per survey. But you have to check every day on there site to see if you have invitation. After filling the survey your money will be send to you via check on your address.

On image twist you make money simple by sharing images.


Here's how works. When you sign up you have to upload image that you want to share and then you will be provide three types of links one for social networks one for your site or blog (html link) and one for forums. Then you will copy that link and you can place them where you want to share them. Notice that image twist is only for adult images. But that can be an advantage because when you share some provocative image everyone will want to see on full size and will have to click on link. And you will  get your money. search in google for adult forums on which you have lots of visits. And share your link there, and you will immediately see how your money is coming on your account.

These are some average ways to make money online. So register yourself in on of these sites and start making your money straight away.