Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What is marketing

You must be wondering what is marketing?

A lot of times you hear that word on TV, Radio, Internet and other media. I will now give you a concrete definition of a new marketing concept and answer your to the question, what is marketing.

And you think that marketing has something to do with advertising, that's right, but that's just one part of marketing. What is marketing?

Modern marketing concept can be expressed as a satisfying customer needs better than the competition.

Marketing research is wider than the market research, and it carries:

  • research developments in the field of marketing,
  • research related to products,
  • exploring possibilities of improving business activities,
  • research of distribution and price.

I hope that now you understand, what is marketing briefly, as I said before marketing is not just advertising, but it involves market research, competition research, development plan and marketing strategy, implementation of marketing plans and strategies, monitoring the product from the initial stage through to consume maturity. Marketing is crucial in the implementation of the promotion, research and communicating with customers, for the proper implementation of marketing, business environment should be investigated at the micro and macro level, this is as far as competition, and for customer research can help us probing which may be the primary source of information. Probing of represents contact with customers via telephone, direct contact, by mail, through questionnaires, internet and so on. And we also have a secondary source of information it is so called gravity model, these are the information that is collected at the table.
This is an introductory part about marketing, about which I'll publish more posts. Now that you have a better insight into of ​​what is marketing, I hope that it will somehow help you. The next post will deal with marketing mix, which is crucial for performing marketing activities.

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